Wednesday, July 27, 2011

My Self Publish Comic - ANDIKA is finally OUT!!!!

MY ANDIKA COMIC IS FINALLY OUT! I think I will not continue any updates or blogging through this page anymore due to some complication that I don't understand.But for those who follow this blog page please do continue follow and support me at this blog page which is my first art blog actually...but its in 'rojak'BM.Sorry.I guess I really prefer to express my thoughts and feel more naturally that way.

So please check my work or comic Andika updates there.I am currently working on Andika website as well because me and my partner is trying to make Andika as full digital comic.See you there.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Comments Available now....

I ve just re-setting my comment for this blog so, if you guys have problems to comments my blog before this please do try again.Hopefully no more spam....

Rough Monsters-Rejected Ideas.

Managed to rough out this monsters for ANDIKA final battle....Doesn't look good for me yet...Still didn't get the right design.Arghh.....such a tough thing between surviving and trying to continue this project.

ANDIKA in KRE8TIF 2010 submission

Just sent ANDIKA to KRE8TIF Award 2010 submission today for Digital Comic Category.Winning will be a bonus and a great exposure for this project but the truth is I just wanted to participated into the industry...see how it goes.Good luck ANDIKA.....
More about Kre8tif DCC,go here -

Saturday, August 21, 2010

ANDIKA English dialogue added

I have added an English version of Andika pages here for those who didn't understand our Bahasa Malaysia language.Free to take a peek.
My end battle rough thumbnail is about to finish.Can't wait to sketch them all.I will probably choose Karangkraf to publish Andika because of its quality.Please support Andika,okay.Thank you.

Thursday, August 12, 2010


So many spam in my comments!Just clean up all the spam....As you see ANDIKA has it own facebook now.Anyone can click LIKE at it for who has facebook and support ANDIKA comic.I will try to update any progress in Andika as frequent but you know me ...between doing jobs for survival and's not an easy task.BUT!I can't let that hold me down from releasing ANDIKA,right .So that's why it is important that I get your support.
Though I have all the RAW colored pages I still didn't have time to edit it but managed to complete the whole plot of ANDIKA 4 chapter story.
I might share some of the rough plot and details on Neosantara universe here....Just pray for me on having that time...
Here some new page preview for view pleasure.For muslims out there happy fasting.See ya!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Andika updates 2.0

Finally received all colored pages of ANDIKA from the colorist.I am pretty happy with the looks but still there's some pages need to be adjust and tune up.I will get the psd file from my colorist somewhere next week after I've clear up all my current works.
Next step to is to put down all the final dialogue and effects and compile it for a publisher/fund
hunting purposes.At the same time need to start the additional pages as well.Hope I can find my time.
When it all done I might display some updates final comic page here.